Rebecca for Search Engine Watch: Comparison of Google Bing and Yahoo ‘Quality Website Guidelines’ for SEO

By Rebecca Murtagh | SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Jan 24
Comparison Grid of Google Bing Yahoo Search Engine Factors for SEO and Quality Website

Quality Website Guidelines – Infographic

This week on Search Engine Watch, I emphasized the importance of the ‘Quality Website’ in search engine optimization and performance of the website for users. Google, Yahoo and Bing have all confirmed the value of SEO, and more importantly, the value of quality websites.

The Quality Website is not a natural phenomenon. It requires proper planning, optimization and management, as I outline extensively in my book ‘Million Dollar Websites‘.

SEO Requires More Than On-Page Optimization

Search engines care about much more than content and meta data – they care about relevance, authority and a quality user experience by visitors. After all, the primary goal of search engines is to deliver the best possible result to a search engine query. If quality results are not provided, they lose the search function to other search engines. Loss of search traffic directly impacts ad revenues. So, you can bet the search engines have a vested interest in referring quality websites through search engine results.

Comparison of SEO Basic Guidelines for Google Bing and YahooComparison Grid of Google Bing Yahoo Search Engine Factors for SEO and Quality Website

Below is the grid I created to demonstrate the qualities that either contribute to the quality of the website, or put the website in jeopardy of being viewed as “spammy”, which can diminish search engine performance, or even result in disappearance (de-listing or blacklisting) from search engine results altogether.

Don’t think it can happen? Believe me, it does – every day. Even highly experienced website designers, agencies and developers have found themselves scrambling to make amends after breaking  suggested guidelines or rules of search.

There are many more factors that contribute to the performance of search. However, this grid offers a great foundation from which to evaluate the quality of your website.

You can view the full-size graphic on MillionDollarWebsite.TV


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